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Directorate is a Rank 10 Kinship on the Crickhollow server founded 2/6/11.  We have a core group of about 6-10 players - active daily in team speak. We maintain a kin forum, a kin house, and we have our own Team Speak 3, and Discord voice communication platforms.  Many of us have capped toons in all classes.  Our roster has 240 toons on it with an equal balance of male and female kin members, but our defining characteristic is that we are knowledgeable about the game and kind to all as we travel throughout middle-earth. Directorate is an end game kin but newcomers to Lotro are welcome. Most of us are from the United States however, we have members in Canada and Europe.  We are currently running the Minas Inthel Reclamation Instances on Tier 1 and Tier 2 at Levl 130.  Directorate has an ongoing relationship with an end game Raiding group.  To join Directorate ~ you must send an in game tell to Paladiran.

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Update 30.1.1 - July 14, 2021

by Paladiran, 10 days ago

Update 30.1.1 Release Notes

Submitted by SSG_Alkaid on Wed, 07/14/2021 - 17:34

Update 30.1.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 30.1.1, releasing on Thursday, July 15th.


Scholars will automatically earn a recipe to convert Tattered Langflood Parchments to Tattered Minas Ithil Parchments.

The following item Set Bonuses will not be active on a character level 106 or higher: First, Second, Third, and Fourth Class (Beorning's, Burglar's, etc.) Jewellery of Helm Hammerhand.

Medium and Heavy Golden Benefactors Armour will no longer have Will as a stat. Will has been replaced by Might, Agility, or Fate, as appropriate.

Legendary Servers

Difficulty quests are numbered so they will appear in the correct order on Berthadan's bestowal panel.

The Difficulty VFX have been disabled for the time being as they were proving too intrusive during extended play, and were frequently getting stuck.

Quest and Adventure Areas

The Fall of Khazad-dûm - Durin's Bane Encounter

Picking up Liquid Gold will now also cause a debuff called Heavy Metal Poisoning that prevents you from picking up Liquid Gold again for 60 seconds. Fixed an issue where this debuff was invisible and lasted for 108 seconds.

Mark of Challenge will no longer prevent you from picking up Liquid Gold.

Reduced morale of Debris Piles.

Tiers 1 - 5 of Liquid Gold now give increased Fire Mitigations

Some Erupting Earth locations in Phase 5 have been moved closer together.

Fixed an issue where one of the Erupting Earth locations in Phase 4 was not functioning correctly.

Fixed an issue where Durin's Bane and Debris Piles could be hit twice with AOE attacks

This was causing false reporting in the Combat Log of double damage and healing, and was eating up "slots" for attacks that have a limited number of targets.


Corrected a difficulty display issue in French for the Landscape Difficulty NPC UI.

live launcher

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