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Directorate is a seven year old Rank 10 kinship, formerly from Imladris, now on the Crickhollow server. We have about 25 active players. There are 219 toons on our roster, of which 130 are active, with an equal balance of male and female kin members. Many of us are older players but our defining characteristic is that we are friendly, courteous, and respectful to all within the kin, and as we travel throughout Middle-earth. We maintain a kin forum with the latest news regarding Lotro, an extensive library and discussion forum, and a gallery section to post our screenshots. Many of us work during the day but at night and on weekends we are in Middle-earth. We have an active day presence as well. Directorate is an end game kin but newcomers to Lotro are welcome; we will assist you while you level. Most of us are from the United States however, we have members in Canada, Israel and Europe. We seek focused individuals who are committed to the game. We use Team Speak 3 voice communication. Directorate has an ongoing relationship with players from other kins who join us on our team speak to run raid content.  We run Raids and other group content on Friday Nights at 8pm EST.  To join Directorate ~ you must send in game mail to Paladiran.
Kinship News

Lotro Beacon Issue #65

by Paladiran, 2 days ago

By OliveYew


Community Spotlights

Wandering around Arda is a blog about a wandering elf roaming around Middle-earth! The blog includes outfits, screenshot and more. Click here to check it out!

Polnolunie has come out with a new music video titled Winter! Click here to watch it.

Are you a new player looking to complete deeds for some extra LOTRO points? Click here to check out FibroJedi's Shire Deeds Guide and Overview to learn more!

No Whole Bard will be celebrating their 5th Anniversary this Sunday, 24th June, on Crickhollow at the Bree-town stage, 7 am /server time! They will also be playing on Landroval on July first! You can click here for more information.

A player created and hosted google map of LOTRO has been updated with areas from Update 22 and has some really cool features! Click here to check it out.

To nominate something for a Community Spotlight, email LOTRO@standingstonegames.com
with the subject line "COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT"

Kin Hall

Random Dudes Incorporated is a new kin on the Crickhollow server. They are looking for players interested in questing, deeds, and skirmishes! Feel free to send a tell to Randalfthewise or Baradeth for more information.

Email LOTRO@standingstonegames.com with the subject line "KIN HALL" to get your Kin featured

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Fansite News

Andang continues his adventures in Mordor! Click here to watch Part 53 Sauron's Salamanders.

Click here to listen to the newest episode of LOTRO Players News 258: The Dwarves Had Snacks!

GameolioDan defeats Stone-Giants in Amon Môth in his newest episode! Click here to watch Part 112 of his Let's Play Series.

TheDolv has started a new stream where he is leveling a Lore-master! Click here to watch their low-level adventures! 

A new Adventures of Elladan's Outriders has been posted! Click here to read about their experiences in episode 68.

Luci plays on her low-level hunter on Arkenstone on this stream! Click here to check it out.


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  • Click here to watch the newest +Cord of the Rings!
  • LOTRO Bonus Days brings you a 25% Crafting XP now through June 24th!

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